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Initial stability analysis of the torque-resisted orthodontic miniscrew anchorage

Jian-na ZHANG,Shao-hai CHANG(),Yu-shan YE,Ying-juan LU   

  1. Institute of Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hospital, Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou 510120, China
  • Received:2015-09-02 Revised:2015-10-11 Online:2016-03-31 Published:2016-03-20


Objective To compare the initial stability difference between a new designed torque-resisted orthodontic miniscrew anchorage and commercial miniscrew anchorage by torque tests and resonance frequency analysis (RFA). Methods After predrilled 4 mm?deep holes with a diameter of 1.0 mm, two different miniscrews were implanted into the swine ribs for measurement of maximum insertion torque (MIT), maximum removal torque (MRT) and RFA which was recorded as implant stability quotient (ISQ). Statistical analysis was done for all data by SPSS 13.0. Results The mean value of MIT, MRT, ISQ for new miniscrews were (11.86±1.58) N?cm, (8.45±2.24) N?cm and 61.80±2.9 while for commercial miniscrews were (10.36±1.42) N?cm, (6.76±1.78) N?cm and 58.15±2.98. The differences be-more stable than commercial miniscrews.

Key words: Miniscrew anchorage, Torque-resisted, Initial stability, Torque analysis, Resonance frequency analysis





转矩拮抗型 商用型 F P
MIT(N·cm) 11.86±1.58 10.36±1.42 9.92 0.003
MRT(N·cm) 8.45±2.24 6.76±1.78 6.97 0.012
ISQ 61.80±2.93 58.15±2.98 15.26 0.000
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