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Application of the socket shield technique and its potential risks

LIN Xi(),LI Shaobing(),DING Xianglong,XU Shulan()   

  1. Dental Implant Centre,Stomatological Hospital,Southern Medical University, Guangzhou 510280, China
  • Received:2020-02-28 Revised:2020-08-29 Online:2021-02-20 Published:2020-12-21
  • Contact: Shaobing LI,Shulan XU
  • Supported by:
    grants from National Nature Science Foundation of China(81801008);Science Research Cultivation Program of Stomatological Hospital, Southern Medical University(PY2019025)


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  1. 南方医科大学口腔医院口腔种植中心,广东 广州(510280)
  • 通讯作者: 李少冰,徐淑兰
  • 作者简介:林曦,主治医师,硕士,Email:
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The rapid absorption of labial alveolar bone after tooth extraction not only reduces the aesthetic effect of implant repair but also affects the long-term success rate of implants. The socket shield technique is reported as the latest alveolar preservation technique in the aesthetic zone from both domestic and international case reports and shows a high success rate of short-term osseointegration and excellent aesthetic effects. However, some investigations have shown short- and long-term complications with the socket shield technique, such as failure of osseointegration, loss of crestal bone and buccal bone, inflammation, etc. In this review, the socket shield technique will be reported in detail with its pros and cons. Although the socket shield technique has achieved good clinical effects and short-term success rates in many cases, there are still no conclusions regarding the surgical procedure, such as the thickness, the position of the shield, whether to put the graft material between the shield and implant, etc. Due to the lack of long-term research or a large amount of clinical literature support and technical sensitivity, the socket shield technique should be carefully used in clinical application to reduce unexpected risks.

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