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Expression and relevant bioinformatics analysis of miR-135b-5p in oral squamous cell carcinoma

ZHAO Ge(), LI Changxue(), GUO Chao, ZHU Hui   

  1. Department of Stomatology, the First Affiliated Hospital, School of Medicine, Shihezi University, Shihezi 832000, China
  • Received:2021-02-28 Revised:2021-04-10 Online:2022-01-20 Published:2021-11-04
  • Contact: LI Changxue
  • Supported by:
    grants from National Natural Science Foundation of China(81560442);Autonomous Region Graduate Research Innovation Project(XJ2020G102);Natural Science Project of Shihezi University(ZZZC201962A)


赵格(), 黎昌学(), 郭超, 朱慧   

  1. 石河子大学医学院第一附属医院口腔科,新疆维吾尔自治区 石河子(832000)
  • 通讯作者: 黎昌学
  • 作者简介:赵格,住院医师,硕士,Email:
  • 基金资助:


Objective To observe the clinical significance of miR-135b-5p in oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) tissues and to conduct a bioinformatics analysis of its predicted target genes. Methods The expression levels of miR-135b-5p in OSCC tissues and adjacent normal tissues were compared using data from TCGA and GEO databases, and the correlations of miR-135b-5p expression level with clinicopathologic characteristics were analyzed. Fresh tissues were collected in the clinic, and the expression of miR-135b-5p was verified by quantitative real-time PCR. The target genes with enriched pathways were analyzed by using bioinformatics methods. A protein-protein interaction network was constructed to screen hub genes. Results The expression levels of miR-135b-5p were significantly upregulated in OSCC tissues compared to adjacent normal tissues (P < 0.001) and had a good diagnostic capability (AUC=0.960, P < 0.001). The expression level of miR-135b-5p was positively correlated with histopathological grading (P=0.011). Enrichment analyses revealed that the target genes of miR-135b-5p were significantly associated with tumor-related signaling pathways, such as the calcium signaling pathway, the cGMP-PKG signaling pathway and the cAMP signaling pathway. Ten core target genes were obtained by screening: DLG2, ANK3, ERBB4, SCN2B, NBEA, GABRB2, ATP2B2, SNTA1, CACNA1D, and SPTBN4. Conclusion miR-135b-5p may act as an oncogene miRNA in OSCC and has the potential value of acting as a diagnostic biomarker and therapeutic target for OSCC.

Key words: oral squamous cell carcinoma, microRNA, miR-135b-5p, bioinformatics analysis, the Cancer Genome Atlas, Gene Expression Omnibus, target gene, calcium signaling pathway, tumor molecular marker


目的 探索miR-135b-5p在口腔鳞状细胞癌(oral squamous cell carcinoma,OSCC)及癌旁组织中的表达及其临床意义,预测miR-135b-5p靶基因并进行相关生物信息学分析。方法 通过肿瘤与癌症基因图谱(the Cancer Genome Atlas,TCGA)、基因表达数据库(Gene Expression Omnibus,GEO)数据库分析miR-135b-5p在OSCC组织和癌旁组织中的表达并分析其临床意义;临床收集新鲜组织标本,采用实时荧光定量PCR验证不同组织中miR-135b-5p的表达情况。采用生物信息学方法预测miR-135b-5p的靶基因并进行通路富集分析。构建蛋白互作网络筛选关键靶基因。结果 OSCC组织中miR-135b-5p表达量较癌旁组织上调,差异有统计学意义(P < 0.001);miR-135b-5p表达量对OSCC组织具有良好的诊断效能(AUC=0.960,P < 0.001);OSCC组织中miR-135b-5p表达水平与组织病理分级相关(P=0.011);生信分析结果显示,miR-135b-5p的靶基因富集在与肿瘤相关的钙离子、cGMP-PKG、cAMP信号通路中;筛选得到10个关键靶基因:DLG2、ANK3、ERBB4、SCN2B、NBEA、GABRB2、ATP2B2、SNTA1、CACNA1D、SPTBN4。结论 miR-135b-5p可作为一种促癌基因参与OSCC的发生发展,并具有成为OSCC诊断标志物及治疗靶点的潜在应用价值。

关键词: 口腔鳞状细胞癌, 微小RNA, miR-135b-5p, 生物信息学, 癌症基因组图谱, 基因表达数据库, 靶基因, 钙离子信号通路, 肿瘤分子标志物

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