Journal of Prevention and Treatment for Stomatological Diseases ›› 2017, Vol. 25 ›› Issue (6): 380-384.DOI: 10.12016/j.issn.2096-1456.2017.06.008

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Clinical application of light solidified calcium hydroxide as temporary crown adhesive

Jikai PANG1(), Ermin NIE2(), Daiying HUANG2   

  1. 1. Department of Prosthodontics, the Guilin Stomatological Hospital, Guilin 541001, China
    2. Department of Stomatology, the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou 510080, China
  • Received:2017-01-18 Revised:2017-03-13 Online:2017-06-20 Published:2018-09-03


庞继凯1(), 聂二民2(), 黄代营2   

  1. 1. 桂林市口腔医院修复科,广西桂林(450000)
    2. 中山大学附属第一医院口腔科,广东广州(510080
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    【作者简介】 庞继凯,主治医师,大专,E-mail:

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Objective To investigate the feasibility of using UV curable calcium hydroxide as temporary crown binder. Methods 242 patients with temporary crown were selected and randomly divided into three groups according the order of registration week each month, and respectively underwent temporary crown cement with TempoCemNE (n = 78), Provicol (n = 80) and Calcimol LC (n = 84) for each tooth. The retention effect and the status of the gum and the pulp were observed at one week after operation.Results There was no significant difference between the three groups in the retention effect and the status of the gum and the pulp (χ12 = 5.553, P1 = 0.062 > 0.05; χ22 = 4.783, P2 = 0.091 > 0.05; χ32 = 3.290, P3 = 0.193 > 0.05). There was a good effect of temporary crown cement in three groups of TempoCemNE, Provicol and Calcimol LC.Conclusion Calcimol LC can be used as a new type of temporary crown cement with good bonding performance and the protection to gums and pulp, and simple operation.

Key words: Temporary crown, Adhesive, Calcium hydroxide, Retention effect, Pulp condition


目的 探讨光固化氢氧化钙制剂作为临时冠粘结剂的可行性。方法 纳入242例需行临时冠的患者,根据每月就诊周数顺序随机分为3组,每组患牙制作临时冠并分别采用TempoCemNE(n = 78)、Provicol(n = 80)、Calcimol LC(n = 84)行临时冠粘结,1周后复诊,观察固位效果、牙龈状况以及牙髓状况,比较其临床效果。结果 1周后复诊,3组间总体的固位效果、牙龈状况以及牙髓状况比较,差异无统计学意义(χ12= 5.553,P1 = 0.062 > 0.05;χ22= 4.783,P2 = 0.091 > 0.05;χ32= 3.290,P3 = 0.193 > 0.05)。结论 光固化氢氧化钙制剂Calcimol LC和临时冠粘结剂TempoCemNE、Provicol具有相似的粘结效果,牙龈和牙髓保护作用良好,操作简单,可作为一种新型临时冠粘结剂进行临床应用。

关键词: 临时冠, 粘结剂, 氢氧化钙, 固位效果, 牙髓状况

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