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Clinical application of cone beam CT in the diagnosis of traumatic anterior teeth before orthodontic treatment

Shuting LI1(), Zeren GUAN1, Yuanyun LIN1, Guojian LIANG1, Lixiang MAI2()   

  1. 1. Department of Stomatology, Yangjiang People's Hospital, Yangjiang 529500, China
    2. Department of Orthodontics, Guanghua School of Stomatology, Stomatological hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, Institute of Stomatological Research, SUN Yat-sen University, Guangzhou 510055, China
  • Received:2017-03-23 Revised:2017-04-21 Online:2017-07-20 Published:2018-09-03


李淑婷1(), 关则任1, 林苑云1, 梁国健1, 麦理想2()   

  1. 1. 阳江市人民医院口腔科,广东阳江(529500)
    2. 中山大学光华口腔医学院·附属口腔医院正畸科,中山大学口腔医学研究所,广东广州(510055)
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Objective To explore the clinical application of cone beam CT in the diagnosis of traumatic anterior teeth before orthodontic treatment in order to reduce the risk of orthodontic treatment failure due to adhesion. Methods 48 fixed orthodontic treatment cases with the history of anterior teeth trama were selected. The anterior teeth were examined by CBCT to exclude root and alveolar bone adhesions. Results 3 cases of root-alveolar bone adhesion were found, and the upper anterioa teeth of the remaining 45 cases were successfully moved by orthodontic treatment. Conclusion CBCT examination is recommended to check the periodontal ligament in patients of fixed orthodontic treatment with the history of anterior teeth trauma in order to exclude the root-alveolar bone adhesion cases.

Key words: Cone beam CT, Trauma, Anterior teeth, Fixed orthodontic, Diagnosis


目的 探讨锥形束CT在外伤前牙正畸治疗前辅助诊断中的应用。方法 选取需要固定矫正的前牙外伤史正畸病例48例,利用CBCT对外伤前牙进行牙周膜检查,以排除牙根-牙槽骨粘连。结果 检查发现牙根-牙槽骨粘连病例3例,其余45例正畸治疗成功移动上前牙。结论 需要固定矫正的前牙外伤史正畸患者,推荐使用CBCT检查牙周膜,排除外伤前牙的牙根-牙槽骨粘连。

关键词: 锥形束CT, 外伤, 前牙, 固定正畸, 诊断

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